Windows Movie Maker Download

Windows Movie Maker is power packed video editing tool which allows you to edit videos, convert clips to movie etc. This is an amazing software which comes with windows platform to modify videos or movies in most known formats like mp4 and others. It contains set of advanced features that can help you to make improvisation in the video. Video effects like audio tracks, transitions, titles, filter effects, timeline narrations, auto movie and much more are included in the windows movie maker software. One can make new effects and transitions as well because this software tool allows you to give command through coding in XML. This is not like other coding languages, you can get assistance as well throughout the editing session. This is so simple and easy to use it.

Windows Movie Maker Download

User can add various sound effects to the video for better presentation. It is either useful to prepare documentary video as well due to which user can make file with video included various sound effects. After that, user can directly upload or launch the project video on the various live streaming or video buffering websites. This is the convenient way to ensure the quality project with such tool. Quite sure about the quality of the video, because it can handle the high resolution videos as well. We have discussed few of the fascinating features that comes up with latest version of window movie maker.

More effects

Windows Movie Maker has got lot of new effects according to the new generations to mix up the trend. This can equally justify the style, trend and sensation to edit videos with amazing new video effects. Movie maker has come up with variety of new border styles to include in the video while determining the time narration.

HD Applicable

Every single video nowadays has got high resolution pixel density as it got recorded through HD recorders. 4K videos is the newest trend of this date and it is quite demanding for video editors to prepare such videos with powerful and complete 4k HD applicable editing software such as Windows Movie Maker. Most of the time user get confused while editing a video. This software do provide the optional features as well to make sure either user want HQ or HD quality output video. User can select either of the choice to make a better output video. While on the other hand, it can be able to edit high resolution videos, movies or clips. All you need is better hardware compatible with software like Graphics Card, latest processor and storage space for fluent operations.


This is something you would love to hear as this feature allow users to get a well determined personified themes for AutoMovie editing. This is customized theme feature in which you can easily edit videos without thinking a lot. Simply select a theme according to the movie content and left leave on the software tool. This is an Auto Movie operation to make user end operation easier and convenient.

Hovered Preview

User can simply get the effects preview by hovering mouse cursor onto the effect button. System will apply the effect instantly to preview how its look after applying it. This is really a gem of window movie maker. Now user don’t have a need to apply such effects, simply can preview it before applying.

Main Features of Windows Movie Maker

  • Transitions
  • Effects
  • Audio tracks
  • Titles/credits
  • Auto movie
  • Timeline narration

Download Now 


Well it’s quite amazing to know that this software tool is an open source tool. You don’t need to pay a single buck for this amazing application tool for your system. Just visit the official website and download on the spot. You can also save the link for future download and can share it with your friends ahead. This might look classic, but will truly let you control the power of ultimate video editing features. This is one of most popular and leading video editing tool till date used by professional all across the world.


If you are going to start a new project for your website, documentary then this is the perfect option for you as compare to all alternatives. You can get immense features and credibility to edit your stuff with lot of new fascinating themes. Auto movie is one of breeze you can get with it. Smart, easy to use, safe and HD applicable software is all set to brew your video content and can take it to the another level.

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