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Snapchat is an open source messaging that allows you to send messages, share pictures, videos and to call each other over the internet. It is well known and popular application till date and it brings up the level of chat through pictures. According the developer team of the snapchat, one cannot be able to save pictures shows in the other’s stories. This is simply an amazing thing to know that every story shown in snapchat is out of copy feature. It will be appear only for 10 seconds and then it will disappear off the screen. Meanwhile content shown on this application is only viewable. What is recipient have taken screenshot, well application have a solution for it. It will notify the user whenever recipient take screenshot of your pictures. This is simply a breeze.

Snapchat Download

After the updates came up in 2017, user can play the pictures viewing slides till he likes or when application in running on. This application allows you to share location also and you can also get the stories shown about that location share by others. It has a Ghost Mode, which allows user to other’s pictures and stories without being shown there. Snapchat application has gained huge popularity in few months and now millions of users are on it. They use to show pictures without letting anyone save it.

How does it work?

The basic thing of this application is the time limit of picture to be shown on the recipient’s device. After that it get off the screen. Even though replay feature is available via in-app purchase. It shared the stories in the form of pictures, messages on the screen for a while and then it get disappear from it. User can add friends and loved ones using Facebook application address book.

Snapchat App Information

Devices: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android

Subjects: Arts, photography

Price: Free

Release date: September 26, 2011

Category: Photo & Video

Size: 2.70 MB

Publisher: Snap, Inc.

Version: 3.0.0

Minimum software requirements: iOS 4.0 or later; Android 2.2 and up

Various Filters

It has number of face animation filters and this feature is like a treat to the eyes. User can tap on the screen and selfie camera will turn on. Later on, user can add various live effects or animation filters to enhance the fun quality for viewers. It has bunch of new filter and they get updated while adding new ones. Due to these amazingly funny art along facial recognition, millions of users use it with huge interest. On the same time while viewing that content, user can chat with second party and can share stuff with each other.

This application is available for Android, iOS and Windows. So there is no any compromise that developers has done by providing it for all platforms. There may be certain changes you figure out in the interface, but overall, everything is equally present on all devices.

Is it Safe or not?

It seems so convenient to interact with people and share stuff like pictures, messages and making calls. Trusting the application, millions of user get downloaded it, but there are some negative souls who are online with various new bug packed apps to steal information of user. They bring so many popped up traps to grab data while being invisible on user side. It might encourage people to send pictures, make calls, send texts without any fear, but it really needs some awareness to use. Especially users under 18 are highly recommended to use it with parental guidance. As it can produce anxiety, pressure or any harsh feeling inside them.

Hence it is recommended to use this application with aware mind and always update with new version. Developers are working hard to provide safe, flawless and secure services to the users. There it is mandatory to install updates on the period they roll out.


If you are looking for amazing feature packed application for social life, snapchat is for you. Get this amazing and innovative application downloaded in your smartphone and start exploring the world in a new way. Express yourself to your loved ones and put an eye on them too.

Note: In case you figure out any bug in this application, do let us know. Also if you want any change or suggestion for use, we would love to change/hear. Do share your experience and leave a comment in the comment section below. Don’t forget to share this website. Thank You

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