Internet Explorer Download

Internet Explorer, a very well-known browser which turns life of 1980’s advance by connecting millions of people to internet. This is one of tough competition for rival browsers like Chrome & Mozilla. It has covered all the gaps when Window 8.1 was launched and Microsoft put in so many amazing and innovative ideas in Internet Explorer. Later on, it got huge changes in a way to enhance user experience of browsing. The new panel and smart tabbing option is such a breeze for users. This is enabled with 256 Bit encryption that makes it even stronger and tougher to crack. It has brought the concept of tabs in the market due to which user can surf over various website portals using different tabs in same Internet Explorer. Majority of PC’s are running Internet Explorer and new updated version of Internet Explorer is even faster and lean. Better and Attractive User Interactive is a bonus for all Internet Explorer users.

Internet Explorer Download

Internet is a biggest thing that we can’t live without and everyone is so obsessed with it. I mean of course it is modern world and we all are similarly part of it. Quite a bit obvious we all would likely to be internet. You know what if we look earlier version of the Internet Explorer, we might have skip to think about it. This is due to the slow speed and quirky interface. This is why most of us had downloaded the other alternatives to browse internet. But know, windows has put in the extreme work and hardships to improve the working of Internet Explorer from few years back. Internet Explorer 11 is the current version of the IE represented by the Microsoft and they are improvising it continuously. Latest version of Internet Explorer 11 requires Windows 7 as the minimum condition to work on. It has an apt system requirement as a 233MHz processor, 512MB of RAM, a Super VGA graphics adapter and 70MB of hard disk space. This is just a great thing to crisp your system’s browsing speed and overall experience. This is new face of technology where every single feature is getting nurtured. There is no doubt that a lot of other advantages are coming up with Internet explorer, but today we will discuss some of really well furnished features as compare to traditional browsers. After reading these key specification of internet explorer, you will surely change your mind if you currently run chrome or Mozilla.

Impressive user interface and superior features are working really well and faster. Microsoft ensure that Internet Explorer is one of most secured browsing tool available till date. This ensures the security of your data inside the system and also rescue user’s information while online payment take place. This is again a factor that will catch your interest to download this browsing software tool. This one of most prominent designed tool which has a lot of features like tabs, add-on extensions and surface security. With these technology, there is nothing left you desire in your perfect browser, I guess.

It results into the better performance and great experience onto the internet. According to recent survey, people these days are considering Internet Explorer 11 as their primary browser. Reason behind the epic success of this browser is amazing features windows built up for users.


  • Sleeker interface
  • Good RSS integration
  • Simple favorites menu
  • Tabbed browsing
  • Anti-phishing filter
  • Applicable for latest web standards


  • Complicated installation process
  • RSS feed items

Is It Safe?

Microsoft has embedded huge security features for faster and reliable browsing. Most of times, what makes browsing experience dull is security aspects. According to some recent surveys in 2017, it is observed that when users make online payments, they get down due to low speed of browsers and security patches. It makes whole process clingy and cliché. But later on, developers has done a fabulous job by pushing up security features and various modes to provide secure online payments.

Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge both are one of the most secure and reliable browsers till. Therefore we highly recommend you to use Internet Explorer 11 for more reliability, credibility and safe surfing.

In Contrast

These were the clear vision on the Pros and Cons of Internet Explorer 11. Among most of internet users, Internet Explorer has been the most talked and stable product. This is why they are getting exciting about its new feature upgrade and all. So friends, today in this article you will find all new thing happening with all new Internet Explorer 11. In this New Year 2018, windows will bring you the extreme action and performance packed browser that will make you leave all other alternatives for sure. Trust me or not, you will like it when you come to know about latest features and bunch of enhancements as well.

So get ready to feel the safest browsing in the history and be a victim of better performance of Internet Explorer. In case you have any issue regarding the download of Internet Explorer, let us know in the comment section below. And if you have a suggestion for us, we would love to learn.

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