Internet Download Manager

Internet Download Manager is a software tool used to download files at higher speed. Usually all the current period browsers are providing download facility but due to lacks of advance features, Internet Download Manager leads far ahead. There are many other download application tool out there but no one could get closer to IDM. It is an advance tool which is solely useful to enhance downloading experience of a user. It provides features like better control over downloads, detailing download, schedule, automatic resume and much more. Also it gives you automatically update download link as well. Meanwhile if, in case, you forget to download the file or it got late to download particular file then it will generate the updated download link. It will update download link from the server of same file to download it on next try. It is quite a better feature till date.

How it Works?

It is sure sort that it download the files in lesser time as compare to normal downloading speed. The reason behind this is it works on segmentation technique. Segmentation is a process of splitting file into chunks. After splitting the file into chunks, signal strength get equally consumed by the network to download that file. This happens when user supposed to download huge file. Apart from that user can also get facility of scheduling download list. It acts as background working activity that means files you have scheduled to download later, will get downloaded when your system is idle. It is normally function like a scheduling application to make idle time to be utilized. It is a nice application for speedy downloads and to maintain record of all time downloaded files.

Internet Download Manager

It automatically integrated with browsers like Internet Explorers, Opera, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. It get easily integrated with all of these browsers. Thus, next time when you will download the file, it will be downloaded through IDM. It will show up some options like Download Now, Download Later and Cancel. You can either start direct download on time, schedule it for later download or can deny it to download such file. Moreover, if you copy the link of desired file, Internet Download Manager will pick up the download link of the file instantly. Or you can select the download with IDM option from the menu as well.


  • Faster Download Ability – It exhibits the faster downloading till date due to number of advantages and high speed downloading. This can easily download the huge files in the background and you can do your own work. It simply provides premium features to download, maintain, schedule and launch the file.
  • Differentiate Between Formats – Internet Download Manager easily manages all kind of data format. While user about to start download, it automatically store the file in a particular destination. Like if user would download video, it will be downloaded in Video folder, or if you would download music files, will be downloaded in Music folder as well. But, of course, you can give custom folder destination also.
  • Block Automatic Download – This is usually happens to everyone while visiting some sites where self-generated files automatically get started downloading. In this situation, IDM will block those files and prevent your PC against infected files too.
  • Bandwidth Adjustability – One can adjust the bandwidth of particular download file. It will consume the given part of your total bandwidth. This means you can customize downloads with desirable speed and bandwidth. It also enhance the experience of multi-tasking, for instance if you want to watch HD videos streaming on your computer system, you can limit bandwidth of current download. It will no longer effect your HD Video streaming because it has given with limited speed of download.
  • Queue Management – If you do not want to download files directly, you can also add the link into queue. It will favor the queue at the time when you want to download those files. Either your computer is idle or you have free time, you can download. Timer of queue will generated automatically or manually.

Apart from above mentioned benefits, you can do much more with this incredible download tool. If you look at Configuration Tool, you can a lot more with download file. You can disable integration of IDM with particular Browser to prevent automatic fetch download files through it. It also brings you facility to customize keyboard shortcuts. These shortcuts will enable you to bypass or accept download with keyboard despite mouse. You can sanction other features to be operated through keyboard shortcuts.

The most interesting part of the Internet Download Manager is Grabber. This is an amazing option in IDM through which you can get all download from a certain regular website. Suppose if you download files from a common website more often, you can simply get help from grabber. You can set the website on automatic download to download pictures, files, music and videos. This is simply an awesome feature to have in it. You can either download whole website in your local machine as well.

Speed & Price

Let’s talk about the speed of download provided by IDM. This depends somewhat on your current network speed and then on limits you have given to IDM. If there is no limited of bandwidth you have given, it can goes upto 6 Mbps smoothly considering a high speed network. It is really shocking to believe such speed, there we have selected a test performed by Ghack as shown in pictures below.

Company provides a trail version of IDM, but after the end of it, you will need to upgrade it with $24.95 (INR. 1500 approx. incl. of taxes) and can enjoy the lightning fast downloads experience for lifetime.

Wrapping Up

If you want to speed up your download speed, IDM is here for you. It is highly recommended over all alternative present on internet. Better part of this download manager is, it can be integrated with every browser. It is probably the one of easy to use download manager. Better user interface, solid features are the key of benefits comes with this product. No matter how much time you pay for download, simply get the download link and put in queue of IDM.

It also depends upon various factors like speed of you network, server you are downloading from etc, otherwise it is really superb tool for downloading purpose.


In case you have any issue regarding Internet Download Manager, you can contact us by leaving a comment in section below. We would love to hear your feedback regarding this website as well. Thank You.

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