Google Drive Download

You may know a lot of concerning what Google Drive precisely is. Google Drive is way quite simply a cloud-based storage and syncing service. It conjointly excels at holding you produce, edit, store, and collaborate on documents. The service is actually spectacular in barely however so much it goes to assist you produce and edit files, whether or not you are operating solo or as a part of a team. There are some secrets to obtaining the foremost out of Google Drive and its companion apps Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides. However there is very little question this is often one among the sweetest cloud offerings you’ll realize. And it’s free unless you wish to store quite 15GB of files not created with its on-line apps.

Google Drive Download

Google Drive’s highest competition is Microsoft OneDrive, a service that we conjointly rate terribly extremely. Each Google Drive and OneDrive is that the most suitable option product. To boil down however they dissent most, Google Drive offers higher tools for period collaboration and a lot of free storage than the remainder. It’s our prime storage and syncing service. OneDrive, that is additionally a wonderful service, integrates tightly with put in Office apps, and it should be an improved alternative if you wish to edit offline. Apple has conjointly gotten into the file-syncing and cloud storage game, with iCloud Drive, and it too offers cooperative on-line document redaction, though not during a strong a kind because the Google and Microsoft offerings. Box, another Editors’ alternative within the file-syncing class, does not provide constitutional document-editing however will provide a lot of within the approach of advancement tools.

How much it cost?

Google Drive is liberal to use with a Google account, and it comes with a generous 15GB of free storage. Files you produce victimization Google Docs, Sheets, and different in-Drive apps (in Google’s proprietary, on-line formats) do not count toward that quota, nor do files shared with you. You’ll still export these files to a lot of customary formats, therefore it’s extremely no loss. Gmail messages and every one email attachments, however, do count against your limit. Photos might or might not count against your quota; it depends on your download selections. You’ll download photos to regular Drive folders or use the Google Photos feature. Each show abreast of the left menu panel in Drive. With Photos, uploads solely count against your limit if you decide on Original quality; selecting High resolution limits your photos to 16 megapixels. If you would like to acquire a lot of, additional storage starts at $1.99 per month for 100GB. For 1TB you pay $9.99 per month, and 10TB prices $99.99 per month. Google Drive’s valuation menu changes quicker than Clark Kent, therefore check Google’s valuation page for updates. By comparison, Microsoft’s One Drive conjointly offers 15GB of storage at no cost (going right down to 5GB a while this year). To upgrade, you are looking at $1.99 per month for 100GB (again, same price), $3.99 per month for 200GB, and $6.99 per month for 1TB (cheaper). That last possibility conjointly bundles in Office 365.

Both Google Drive and OneDrive carried out additional free house sure enough activities; in OneDrive’s case, for referrals, Bing search usage, and sure hardware purchases. Google often runs promotions that get you extra space, too, corresponding to a free 2GB for running a security check. whether or not you utilize the paid or free version, you will not see any ads hooked up to which isn’t the case with Gmail, unless you paid for Google Apps version and therefore the administrator has disabled them.

Is it Secure?

Yes this is highly secure and easy to use service. Ever since Google Docs was rebranded as Google Drive, we’ve found a small amount of files is so as relating to the name. Google Drive is that the full treatment. It includes Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides, or a minimum of it works terribly tightly with them. The problem of separate apps gets confusing once it involves the mobile version of Google Drive, however on-line it’s a lot of clearer. Google Drive and its apps work primarily constant approach Microsoft OneDrive will with the web versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Google Drive, OneDrive and Apple iCloud Drive conjointly replicate the core service provided by file-syncing services corresponding to Dropbox and SugarSync. With all file-syncing services, you download and install a program on all of your computers, and mark files or folders to synchronize between the devices. Which means that if you’re employed on a file from the Office, so come back and need to select up wherever you left off, you’ll do therefore seamlessly. Once you end functioning on the file reception, rest assured that everyone your work shows abreast of your office pc within the morning. Syncing depends on having a web affiliation, however as long as you’ve got that key in situ, it is a piece of cake. Just to reiterate: each Google Drive and OneDrive provide desktop-to-desktop syncing service additionally to their Web-based office-productivity apps and straight-up on-line file storage. Though we do not strictly think about Google Drive an internet backup resolution, saving files to that will function a kind of backup further as just the simplest way to access the files.

Compatibility isn’t a problem with Google Drive because you can download files, convert them to Google’s file format to edit them online or produce new documents, spreadsheets, and slide shows within the net interface and export the finished product to straightforward file formats, such as .doc, .rtf, .pdf, and so on. With the recently introduced Microsoft Office plugin for Google Drive, you’ll currently use your Google Drive as storage for files you edit with the put in Microsoft Office apps, removing any probability of incompatibility.

Wrapping Up

There’s nothing stopping you from quite one file storage and syncing service. Having quite one service allows you to part your home and work files, keep photos break away documents, and more. It conjointly allows you to decide that of your files to place in more-secure cloud areas and that to go away to at whims of Google’s pursuit policies. Google Drive is, however, one for cooperative document-editing comes one thing most different file-syncing services do not even provide and that is an enormous reason Google Drive prime alternative of each web user for file-syncing and storage. The service is therefore chockablock of appealing options that you are missing out if you do not use it.

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