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Aptoide is an open source application or can refer it as a marketplace which provide us to facility to download free or paid android applications. Basically this app is an alternative of google play store. Aptoide is a convenient way to download APK file of various apps which are free of cost unlike on google play store. Some of the premium apps on google play store are not free, they cost a lot. But if it is about aptoide, on the same note it provides the app for free. It was discovered in the 17 November 2009 and till date is ruling the internet market. Below are the features that comes along with aptoide marketplace –

  • It has 900,000+ apps live till date.
  • Get most of premium apps for free.
  • Easy way to find apps that are either not available on other platform or cost so much.
  • Third party app provides vast range of free apps.
  • Developers can monetize their apps uploading their app on aptoide.
  • Broad content.
  • All apps are genuine and verified on it.

Why Aptoide?

Yes this sounds to quicker because most of users ask question why do they use aptoide? There are massive number of features which compel them to use aptoide. Being a third party, applications that are live on aptoide are 100% genuine and free of malware. This means one has no need to worry about malware or malicious attack before downloading this app. This gives a wide range of premium apps and this comes with almost no ads in the run time. Like other market place like google play store, you can observe irritating ads badges and it can lead to some lack in utility of app. Whereas in aptoide, no ads are allowed by developers, still they monetize it.

Download Aptoide for android

This happens because apps we get on google play store are not directly uploaded by developers. Original apps are being bought by second individual and they it comes to existence with earning perspective.

Is it good for Gaming?

Of course this is good if you want to use this app for download paid games. There are millions of nurturing games live on it and you can download for free. Unlike google play store, most of premium games along with full version are free. You don’t need to pay a single buck for it, until you go for some monetized version of some games. Also beware of vulnerable games that are on aptoide. There are such games which would like a professional to you, but actually it is thread of malicious infected files. Thus it can be harmful for your gadget. We highly recommend you to download the games which are verified by Aptoide. Green badge symbolize certification of games, means it is safe and sound.

How to Install Aptoide APK file

  • Install Aptoide Installer in the system.
  • Download APK file of app which you want to install.
  • After it done, locate APK file in Storage.
  • Tap on it, then select Install option.
  • Few moments later, app will be ready to use.


  • Anyone can launch app on Aptoide for free of cost, where Google Play Store charges $25(Rs. 1500) to create developer account.
  • This is highly User Friendly.
  • Promote developers app for free.
  • User can easily DOWNGRADE to the older version app, unlike google play store.
  • Verified Badge on App that are free of scams and malware.


  • You need to download APK first, then install it in device. Whereas in google play store, it directly install apps.
  • Need to install apps manually.
  • Adult Sites are live too.

Being an open source, there are so many adult apps live on aptoide. Due to which user need to be very careful if they want to install aptoide. Keep it out of reach of kids because it may show up some adult stuff, whereas in play store, least chances occur.

Bottom Line

Aptoide is a great open source which inspire so many new developers to launch their apps in front of world. This is really incredible to give a chance to get popular and in demand. Uploading apps on aptoide is free of cost and this is what makes is unique and unbreakable. But little flaws are there, yet it is a good alternative of google play store. So you can use it happily keeping above few factors in mind. If you want to use this app for knowledge and entertain purpose, this is really good to use. We hope that this article has covered all queries of your mind, if yes do share it with your friends. In case we didn’t cover any point that you want us to, do share it with us in comment section below.

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